Contracting & Appointment Instructions

Contracting & Appointment Instructions

In order to complete your contracting request, please complete the following contracting questionnaire. We will then input this information into our contracting system, SureLC, which will store your information and carrier contracting forms. In the future, as you contract with new carriers, this stored information will be used to complete contracting paperwork on your behalf, increasing speed and efficiency.

The vast majority of our carriers participate in this system but if you do not see a particular carrier with whom you want to contract, please contact us at 720-242-7918 and we will email you the paperwork.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, you will also need to complete and sign the Signature Page, Disclosure Release, and EFT Authorization. Signing and submitting the Signature Page and Disclosure Release authorizes Insurance Designers of Colorado to submit your information through our online licensing program.

Signing the EFT Authorization allows for carriers to direct deposit your commissions.

Please submit the following documents to our office:

1) Completed Questionnaire

2) Signed Signature Page

3) Signed Disclosure Release Page

4) Completed EFT Authorization Page (be sure to attach a copy of a voided check to this page)

5) A copy of your E&O coverage

These documents and any questions about the program should be directed to the Contracting Department.

Licensing and Contracting Contact Information:

Phone: 720-242-7918


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