Our Services

We know that our best clients typically are existing clients. By definition, a deeply served client will have several products or services with you. When is the last time you reviewed your book of existing clients, and determined how many have multiple products or services with you?

Many times we focus the majority of our time looking for new clients and prospects. While this is necessary to grow over time, we find there are several protection opportunities within your existing client base. Most clients think of protection solutions ONLY when they haven’t accumulated assets. Once your clients have built up a portfolio of assets, their protection needs can actually increase.

Do you have a client who –

1) Has an IRA and does not or will not need the required minimum distribution to live on in retirement?

2) Wants to maximize the value of the IRA to the spouse / children / grandchildren?

3) Owns a non-qualified annuity and plans to pass it on to either a spouse or children?

4) Owns a business and has children involved in the business and other children who are not?

5) Has built a portfolio of investments and is concerned about protecting the value of those assets?

6) Wants to protect their portfolio from the risk of long term care?

7) Has assets in CDs and are not happy with the interest rates?

8) Has not established an estate plan or has one that hasn’t been updated in several years?

If you have clients that may fit any of these scenarios, please contact us or request a Sales Manager contact you.